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Global M&A support


Encouraging the global advancement of Korean companies through cross-border mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

The Global M&A Center was launched in January 2013 as a government initiative to meet the global increase in cross-border M&A opportunities and to help address the growing interest in M&As from Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). For Korean SMEs who are not covered by domestic or foreign investment banks or do not have access to open target information nor the expertise in investing overseas, the Global M&A Center acts as a gateway to provide this information and to help build connections for possible M&A transactions. In addition, the Global M&A Center facilitates meetings with potential investment target companies, promotes opportunities to invest alongside government co-investment funds, and identifies the top local PE/VC fund managers for foreign investors.

Deal Sourcing Support

The Global M&A Center provides deal sourcing information and support through KOTRA’s overseas business centers (KBCs) and local boutiques to find appropriate targets for Korean SMEs.

Deal Origination & Management Support

Due to the lack of experience, Korean SMEs may find it challenging to approach M&A, especially cross-border M&A. Thus, the Global M&A Center consists of credible M&A-familiar experts who can assist SMEs during any stage of the M&A process, e.g., gathering target information, deal sourcing through local boutiques, conducting pre-valuation, preparing due diligence guidelines, and coordinating final deal transactions.

Acquisition Financing & Due Diligence Support

Considering the fragility of SMEs’ global management infrastructure, the Global M&A Center propels SMEs towards global advancement opportunities and helps build connections with local and foreign private equity and venture capital funds. The Global M&A Center also acts a mediating agent in regards to conducting due diligence (legal•financial) and arranging acquisition financing.