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Ethical Management

A better future for society KOTRA can get you there Let KOTRA guide you to a better tomorrow.KOTRA shares knowledge and success for global prosperity.

Ethical Management

Customer-oriented, socially responsible management

KOTRA aspires to be a responsible global organization through ethical management. By leading Korea’s trade and investment promotion efforts KOTRA strives to be an ethical company that contributes to the national and global economies.

Social Contribution

Giving back in a variety of ways

KOTRA provides youth around the world with cultural education programs to help them become leaders. The organization also offers humanitarian aid in disaster-affected regions of the world and mentors children of low-income families and multicultural families in Korea. Internships are offered to young Koreans living abroad to develop a workforce that is globally aware.

Volunteer Work

Helping out rural communities

KOTRA volunteers at Buraemi Village in Incheon, Gyeonggi-do by helping farmers plant seeds and harvest crops. KOTRA also has a volunteer work group called Left Hands, the members of which work to improve regional communities by assisting seniors who live alone and providing free tutoring for teenagers.