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B2B e-market

if you ar looking for korean surpise poroducts, please visit buykorea.org buykorea.org

Intro to B2B e-market place

buyKOREA(www.buyKOREA.org), which is operated by KOTRA, is the global B2B e-market place which connects international buyers and Korean suppliers. Since its establishment in 1962 as part of Korea's first 5-year Economic Plan, KOTRA has been dedicated to creating new export markets and increasing Korea's trade value, which reached $1 trillion in 2011.

If you have difficulty finding Korean products and suppliers on buyKOREA's website, you can submit your offer and a representative will contact you shortly.

buyKOREA is a global B2B e-marketplace which where you can view products and make online transactions. You can also check out new Korean products which are registered daily and easily pay by credit card. Real-time shipping statuses are available on buyKOREA when the Korean seller sends the products by EMS.

buyKOREA also supports online video conferences with Korean companies . Experience major improvements in your business with buyKOREA.

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