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CEO's Message

President & CEO of KOTRA, Pyung-oh, Kwon

Leading the Way for SMEs to Explore Overseas Markets and to Create Global Jobs

Dear Guests,

With the recent rise of neo-protectionism and intensifying global competition in key industries, it has been a challenging period for South Korea’s export market. Nationally, significant efforts are being put into enhancing the quality of life for the people, and as part of that effort, the Korean government has declared job creation as the nation's utmost priority.

In response to such internal and external challenges that call for further innovation, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) will be focusing its resources on the following four key missions: Full support for SMEs to explore overseas market opportunities; Global Job Creation; Diversification of exporting goods and market; and new overseas expansion opportunity identification.

Among the listed four areas, KOTRA will put further emphasis on supporting SMEs to explore overseas opportunities and creating global jobs and ensure that the agency delivers tangible results. To realize this goal, we will restructure our organization to provide a customized support system so that more SMEs can enter the export market. Furthermore, we pledge to become a reliable partner to SMEs by offering support in every stage of growth; from start-up exports, to transformation of domestically oriented companies into exporters and global expansion of mid-sized companies.

Additionally, recognizing the need for job creation as the nation’s foremost challenge, KOTRA will take the lead in creating global jobs by fully leveraging our trade-investment promotion function as well as our overseas network comprised of offices in different global locations. Job creation will be our top priority as we assist SMEs enter global markets, attract foreign investment, and support reshoring enterprises with prior presence in overseas markets. Furthermore, we will focus our export support projects on job creation, and value companies that actively create jobs.

To successfully carry out the aforementioned tasks, KOTRA will undertake reorganization to single mindedly focus on our customers as well as onsite services, and transform various trade-investment promotion programs to be centered around results and sustainability. Moreover, KOTRA will proactively develop and operate overseas expansion and global job creation programs that will resonate to our customers.

In addition, we will continue to promote KOTRA's culture that is firmly rooted in the values of communication, openness and cooperation. For this, we will strengthen communication with our customers to further innovate our support program to meet onsite needs, and closely cooperate with SME policymakers and supporting organizations to create an ecosystem to aid SME exports. Overseas offices will be opened for SMEs to fully leverage, and overseas market and buyer information will be disclosed not only to businesses but also to relevant agencies to further enhance the quality of export support.

In conclusion, KOTRA will re-emerge as an agency with strong competitive edge by effectively managing staff members based on competence and performance as well as enhancing their expertise in respective areas. Through these efforts, KOTRA will become a “world-class trade-investment promotion agency,” leading the way for SMEs to explore overseas markets and create global jobs. I kindly ask for your support and guidance in helping our agency reach its fullest potential as we renew our unwavering ability to pioneer new markets and devote ourselves to achieving our overseas expansion and job creation missions.

Thank you.

President & CEO of KOTRA