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Mission & Vision

  • Mission - To contribute to the development of the national economy through global business support
  • Vision - To be a top-class trade and investment promotion organization, leading the way for SMEs to explore overseas markets and for creating global jobs
  • Core values - 1. Global, 2. Customer & On-site, 3. Contribution & Responsibility, 4. Innovation & Openness
  • Proactive innovation - We lead the global market through proactive and constant innovation.
  • Accessibility & openness - We pursue publicness through active internal and external collaboration and openness.
  • Recognizing customer needs - We stand in the shoes of our customers and produce tangible results for them.
  • Taking on-site action - We respond to the changing environment by communicating and taking action on-site.
  • Notable contribution - We contribute to the public and businesses in a win-win and cooperative manner.
  • Excellent sense of responsibility - We are committed until the end to promote trade and investment of our customers and the nation.
  • Reliable global expert - We take the lead in creating customer value as a trusted global expert.
  • Core policies - 1. Support the entry of SMEs into global markets, 2. Stimulate job creation through our core functions, 3. Diversify target markets, products, methods of export and investment, 4. Strengthen contribution and responsibility towards the nation.
  • Directions of innovation - 1. Become a field and customer centered organization, 2. Focus on producing tangible results and achieving operational effectiveness, 	3.Build an innovative organizational culture that encourages digitalization, openness and collaboration, 4. Manage human resources based on performance and individual capacity