The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency – KOTRA - is committed to promoting consistent growth in trade and market expansion amidst the paradigm shifts in the global economy and evolving industrial ecosystem.

ceo 얼굴

President & CEO
Korea Trade-Investment
Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

YU Jeoung Yeol

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a proverbial phrase that resonates with South Korea’s history of turning crises into opportunities. Most notably, the country’s resilience and remarkable recovery during the global financial crisis reflects our ability to recognize opportunities in the global market.

KOTRA has always been at the forefront of innovation, acting as a platform for expanding business activities between companies at home and abroad. We’ve also been a pioneer in multilateral economic cooperation, discovering global partnerships and international investment opportunities.

Life as we know it has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to adapt to new ways of living life and doing business. Furthermore, digital transformation, the restructuring of global value chains (GVC), carbon neutrality goals, and shifting trade policies are ushering in an era of reform.

KOTRA believes it is crucial now more than ever to uphold mutually beneficial partnerships during these times of change.

In order to thrive in the ever-changing global business landscape, we are committed to the following three key missions:

First of all, we will concentrate our company-wide capabilities on digital transformation to contribute to the expansion of international trade and to enhance your trade experience with Korea.

Second, we will drive cooperation in the global manufacturing sector and R&D. Such open innovation is emerging as a new trend due to GVC restructuring. KOTRA will help overseas companies cooperate with Korean partners so they can utilize South Korea as a GVC hub based on its excellent manufacturing infrastructure and abundant R&D talent.

Lastly, we will engage all of our 127 overseas offices to strengthen our flexibility and fluidity so we can quickly acclimate to the new environment induced by carbon neutrality and digital transformation, and adapt to new trade policies introduced by our trade partners.

We consider you our partner and friend. KOTRA looks forward to your continued support and guidance.

Thank you.