KOTRA will strive to make a contribution to Korea’s economic growth by providing support to global business.

KOTRA endeavors to provide a distinctive customer experiences as Korea’s global business platform, which connects the world and our future based on core values of globalization, innovation, contribution and public integrity.

   First, we shall strengthen the global competence of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), while supporting the promotion of exports
      and expansion.

   Second, we shall create new global values by supporting ties between domestic and global companies and their mutual cooperation.

   Third, we shall provide digital platform services that will lead the digital trade era.

   Fourth, we shall continue to pursue innovation through customer experience management.

To fulfill the pledges of KOTRA, we shall define and enforce the detailed service standards as follows:

 Core Service Standards

1. Strengthening of Global Competence

   (Diagnosis on the current global competence level) By making a diagnosis of the companies’ global competence level, we will
       recommend a customized supportive project to strengthen their global competence. 

   (Transforming domestic companies to exporting companies) We will support the transition of domestic companies which wish to
       explore the global market into exporting companies.

2. Global Marketing and Sales Support 

   (Global marketing support) We will introduce products and services of domestic companies through our global marketing support
       projects and discover foreign buyers to promote connection with the companies.

   (Global sales support) We will support the international sales of SMEs using our overseas networks.

   (Inquiry management) We will find and connect the prospective foreign buyers, while supporting follow-up management up to the
       contracting stage.

3. Providing Global Market Information and Digital B2B Trade Investment Platform Services 

   (Global market information service) We will collect and provide local market and business information through our overseas trade
       offices, including AI-based customized information.

   (Digital platform services) We will provide digital B2B trade investment platform services to reach out to buyers around the globe,
       exchange information and promote mutually-beneficial trade practices.

   (Digital international marketing support) We will support the entrance to overseas online platforms and support global marketing to
       make it easy to export for everyone.

4. Supporting Inroads into Global Market 

   (Project support) We will support the effective contract award in overseas projects.

   (Utilizing overseas trade offices) Using the overseas trading offices, we will provide effective supports specified by sectors and needs.

   (Supporting inroads to overseas investment) We will provide assistance for a successful settlement of companies making inroads into

       global market, by installing the Korean Foreign-Invested Enterprise Support Center.

5. Economic Cooperation and Employment Support

   (Economic diplomacy support) We will continuously support Korean companies to ensure they achieve the desired business results by
       effectively utilizing business partnerships.

   (Development of cooperation support) We will establish a bridge for domestic companies making inroads into global market by
       supporting their overseas ESG activities.

   (Employment support) We will support Korean young workers’ overseas employment by discovering quality jobs abroad, as well as the
       discovery and employment of professionals as required by SMEs.

6. Attracting Foreign Investment 

   (Investment attraction support) We will effectively provide information on the investment environment in Korea, including investment
       consulting services with global companies looking for investment opportunities in Korea, local governments, and FEZ at all times.

   (Consulting services for foreign investor companies) We will support an overall process of foreign investment with foreign investment
       ombudsman and “home doctors” by sectors closely handle complaints and errors of foreign investor companies.

 Customer Service Standards

1. Customer Service Greetings

   During a phone call

    - We will answer the phone before it rings three times.

    - We will happily greet the caller by letting them know the name and the department they called to.

    - For any inquiry, we will do our best to ensure that the employee who answered the call accommodates the caller's needs. If the call
       needs to be forwarded, we will provide information on the name of the department in charge, the name of relevant personnel and the
       phone number.

    - We will ensure great customer service is provided over the phone by conducting a customer satisfaction survey more than once a year.

   During in-person visits

    - When greeting customers, we will accommodate them kindly by letting them know our names first.

    - We will greet customers by asking them to be seated first, to make sure that they are served in a comfortable manner. We will do our
       best to accommodate their needs without any inconvenience while they wait.

    - Unless there is an urgent and important issue, we will accommodate visitors first before all other work. If they cannot be served
       immediately, we will ask for their understanding and make an appointment.

   During an online consulting service

    - Any inquiry made via the “Voice of Customer” available in our website will be responded within 72 hours. For other inquiries requiring
       long-term investigation, we will inform customers about the handling process within 72 hours and the expected response date.

2. Customers Participation and Opinions

   (Customer experience survey) We will collect customers’ opinions to improve our work and services, by conducting a systematic
       customer experience survey. 

   (VOC management) We will operate a VOC management system to receive and swiftly handle customers’ complaints in a systematic
       manner, and make sure a response is given within 72 hours after the receipt of a complaint. If it takes more than 72 hours given the
       nature of work, we will keep customers updated on the process and the expected date for a solution.

   (Customer suggestion) KOTRA guarantees customers’ participation. If you have any constructive opinion on improving our services, feel
       free to contact us via website, mail, visit and phone call.

   (Customer satisfaction survey) To improve services provided to our customers, we intend to conduct a customer satisfaction survey
       more than once a year, disclose its result, and improve underperforming areas.

3. Corrective Measures and Compensation

When a customer points out unfriendliness or raises a complaint over unreliable work handling, we will quickly correct it once our fault is confirmed. A complaint can be made via our website (, Voice of Customer, feedback, filing a complaint or during an in-person visit. We will provide compensation for any damage that has been caused by our services or mistakes of our employee as appropriate.